After the Walk Weekend

The Walk to Emmaus retreat weekend is only the beginning of the Emmaus journey! After you've attended a Walk, we encourage you to be active participants in the ministry and service of your local church, living out the grace of God and the love of Jesus. We would also love to connect you with our area Emmaus community through a variety of gatherings so that we may all support each other in our ongoing walk with Christ. We often refer to this ongoing journey beyond your Walk weekend as your Fourth (4th) Day.

Image of a fair-skinned, middle-aged man wearing blue jeans and a colorful plaid button-up shirt entering a church worship space. Other attendees and a worship band are in the background. Photo credit: Kristina Paparo

Returning to your Local Church

After your Walk, we want to send you back to your home church with renewed energy for your spiritual development and excitement to be involved in the ministries and outreach of your church.

Whether your passion is for mission service, music, hospitality, small groups, working with children and youth, or something else, we encourage you to connect with your church leaders to find out how you can put your spiritual gifts into practice.

Reunion Groups

Staying connected with people who have experienced the Walk Weekend can be very encouraging as you continue your journey of spiritual formation and discipleship. The Walk to Emmaus offers small group gatherings called Reunion Groups to keep Pilgrims connected. You could start a new Reunion Group with other Pilgrims from your Walk, or join an existing group in your area.

If you're not sure how to get connected to a group, reach out to your Walk sponsor or Lay Director. They'll help you get started!

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Image of a group gathered in worship, variety of ages and races. Photo credit: Sandro Gonzalez on Unsplash

Area Gatherings

Throughout our Puget Sound region, many areas host a monthly or quarterly gathering* combining our smaller reunion groups. These gatherings are a place in which there is singing, praising God, prayer, fellowship, and communion.

To find an area gathering near you, check out our Events Calendar.

*Gatherings have been on hiatus or met via Zoom since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Community Fun

Several times each year, our entire Puget Sound Walk to Emmaus Community is invited to gather for large, community events, like summer barbeques and Christmas celebrations. These are great opportunities to reconnect with others you met on your Walk, as well as make new friends.

See our Events Calendar for any upcoming gatherings and activities.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, our gatherings have taken place on Zoom.

Image of a fair-skinned adult man setting up food on table outside with other people starting to gather. Photo credit: NeonBrand on Unsplash