Pre-Walk needs your help! Hi! I’m Joan Pierce and I am the PSWTE Pre-Walk Registrar.  I receive all pilgrim applications for both men and women. Sponsorship is why we can continue this awesome 3-day experience in Christian spiritual renewal.  

  • All pilgrim applications are processed on receipt. I strive to email or call the sponsor within 24 hours to confirm receipt. If you send the application to the PO Box, please allow an extra week as the PO Box isn’t checked daily. If you haven’t received a confirmation after a couple of weeks, please notify me. Please do not assume that your pilgrim is attending the requested Walk until it is confirmed. 
  • Sponsors – it is best to confirm pilgrim attendance before having your pilgrim request time off from work. It is a lot easier to attend another Walk than it is to get time off from work.
  • All applications must be in an envelope postmarked or emailed to me at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the requested Walk.This deadline allows the name to be published in the Gazette and the Lay Director, Chef, and Palanca Boss to prepare for the weekend. 

Applications may be mailed to the PSWTE post office box (PO Box 77314, Seattle, WA  98133), or emailed directly to me at You can also mail the hard copy directly to me.   If you need my address or have any questions, please email me at the above address or call me (360-668-9691). 

Thank you for your help.

Yours in Christ,

Joan Pierce Pre-Walk Registrar