PSWTE Insurance Coverage

The PSWTE Emmaus Board of Directors has improved insurance coverage and reporting procedures for accidents to help protect the community and its members. The Board spent considerable time last year discussing insurance and safety at Emmaus events because a pilgrim was seriously hurt in a fall during a Walk, and churches which host Emmaus events are beginning to ask about the community's insurance coverage. With help from our insurance agent, an accident report form and an interim procedure for reporting accidents were developed. This procedure calls for immediately caring for injured persons, cleaning up damage, and immediately notifying the Emmaus Board, the community's insurance agent, and the church of the accident. The interim procedure has been shared in writing with all lay directors, who are responsible for informing all team members. A copy of the accident report form has been placed in core team notebooks. 

Please be aware that the Puget Sound Emmaus Community has limited insurance coverage. Our insurance: 

  • Covers supplies while in storage and while being transported to and from Emmaus activities; however, it does not cover vehicles and drivers who are transporting supplies. 
  • Provides accidental medical coverage for new pilgrims only because they are considered guests of the community until the end of Closura during their initial walk experience. The Board decided against purchasing accidental medical coverage for team members working on Emmaus weekends because the cost is prohibitive. 
  • Provides liability coverage of team members while running errands during Emmaus weekends; however, the vehicles they use are not covered. 
  • Provides coverage for clergy malpractice during Emmaus weekends. 
  • Provides general liability coverage for incidents where the community maybe at fault. The PSWTE Board is concerned about maintaining a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for all Emmaus activities, and will continue discussing safety and insurance issues as appropriate during the year.

If you have questions about insurance and safety issues, please contact the Board via the PO box or email.