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Thank you for your willingness to pray! Our prayers are the foundation of our faith and the support under any endeavor. It is when we seek the Lord that we invite the Holy Spirit to be the Power under our prayers, and He is in our midst.

Please pray for the pilgrims – that the power and love of God will grow and mature in their hearts, to then lead them into the world to serve Him as He has gifted them. Pray for the Sponsors. Pray for the team as they serve the pilgrims and each other. Pray for the families at home. Pray for the host church family, as they let us use their ‘home’. Pray for the Board, as we serve our community. And pray for the community, as we together are the body of Christ bringing His light to the world.

Please see the latest Gazette for the list of pilgrims and team members. Also listed are the Speakers. Attached is a basic schedule of the weekend. Please refer to this schedule, along with the Speakers, so you can pray for any events and/or speakers that may be occurring during your hour of prayer. Thank you!

Prayer Vigil Notice

Walk #232


The Board requests every member of the community pray for an hour at any time from Thursday, October 6 (8:00 PM) to Sunday, October 9 (3:00 PM) for the Men's Weekend #232.

As many know, the PSWTE has moved to an On-Line Prayer Vigil system. Unfortunately, we have experienced a delay as part of our transition, and the prayer vigil sign-up sheet will NOT be available prior to Weekend's start. We know that the Holy Spirit will be present within Immanuel Lutheran Church and the prayers offered by the community will cloak the pilgrims and servants in the 72-hours of prayer throughout the weekend. The Board also requests the community's support to fill the prayer vigil for the upcoming Women's Prayer Vigil by visiting: There are plenty of open prayer times available, and the Board hopes this vigil to be fully covered prior to the weekend. May God Bless you, Kevin Dragon 2016 PSWTE President